Melissas SignCathy B. Camps offer a different approach to the “typical” Arts & Crafts Camp. We focus on a specific art project and technique. These camps can either be taken together, typical of a semester art course, or individually honing in on a specific artistic skill. Each student will gain knowledge of a proven technique as well as a new perspective on art. Additionally, all campers will produce a beautiful masterpiece of their own for display upon completion of their camp.

Each Art Camp runs four hours and 30 minutes Monday-Friday and includes a healthy snack. All students should also bring a sack lunch that does not require heating or preparation. Camps are small, no more than seven students each week allowing quality individual attention. Students will work in both group activities as well as receive one-on-one teaching in order to maximize their understanding of the art techniques and skills. Each camp will also host a Career Day. Students have the fabulous opportunity to meet a professional artist/guest speaker for one afternoon each week. This truly inspires the kids and exposes them to various careers in art.

Camp Tuition is $275 per camp and includes all supplies and guest speaker fees. The camp curriculum is designed to ensure skill development, yet with enough freedom to foster individually creativity. Each one is about learning specific and proven techniques that can be applied in other areas of their lives.  I look forward to getting to know “your” artist! 

Art Camp - Disney

2012 Camp Themes include:

Me, Myself and I

Do you have trouble drawing people and faces? In this camp will concentrate on the basics of drawing the face and figure. Students will learn techniques they will need to create something that looks like it should. Students will create a self- portrait or a portrait on someone they love. Students will need to supply a clear, printed 8×10 portrait photo of the model they wish to recreate. Guest Speaker: Theatrical Make-up Artist

Picture the World Around Us

Capturing the beauty and essence of a landscape is very exciting and rewarding. In this camp, students will learn how to interpret the landscape they see to paper. As we create on the shores of beautiful Lake Austin, students will focus on learning techniques like painting a tree and the lake in both acrylics and water color and creating backgrounds and other objects found in nature. Guest Speaker: Landscape Architect

Apples, Oranges, Flowers & More!

Still Life is a great technique in art for both learning and teaching the skills of drawing and painting. It teaches you how to look at an object and see it like an artist with a conscious awareness of its outline, shape, proportions, tone, color, texture and form. This camp will teach a step-by-step approach using these techniques and a mix of mediums to create your own masterpiece!  Guest Speaker: Professional Children's Book Illustrator

Feeling & Creating Go Hand in Hand

When creating art many of us are actually communicating experiences, ideas, concepts, observations and/or feelings. By using mixed-media; painting, drawing, collage, graphic design and typography, students will have a unique opportunity to “speak” to their audience. This camp will experiment with a combined range of creative elements (including line, shape, tone, space, texture, color and form) through the introduction to graphic arts  and using computer graphics as a tool. Guest Speaker: Game Designer from Disney Interactive Media Group