Cathy B. Joins Fight Against Breast Cancer


Breast Cancer Awareness Platter

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I’m excited to introduce my new blog to you. And what better way to do that than by highlighting…the incredible woman?


noun \ˈwu̇-mən, especially Southern ˈwō- or ˈwə-\
pluralwom·en \ˈwi-mən\

Definition of WOMAN

1a: an adult female person

OH, BUT SHE IS SO MUCH MORE. Throughout history, women have changed the world, from Blessed Mother Teresa, Helen Keller, Eleanor Roosevelt to Georgia O’Keeffe. With passion, they changed the world because they dared to; because these “adult female” people were strong. They were powerful and mighty. These females endured.

Each of these women experienced individually significant empowered success. Imagine what they could’ve accomplished TOGETHER.

Today, we have a challenge. Our challenge is to beat breast cancer. We can make significant change and work toward this challenge by supporting each other en masse.

Together, we are unstoppable through our passions.
Together, we carry a united and dominant identity; one of immense force.

While October is the official “Breast Cancer Awareness Month,” let’s strive to be aware throughout the year. Please consider purchasing a Cathy B. original, melamine Awareness Plate or Platter to help remind you of this important challenge. Or gift these dishes to mark and emphasize another’s fight. For each purchase, Cathy B. Design is honored to contribute 30% of sales to the Susan G. Komen for the Cure Organization.  Click here for purchasing information.

From our own mothers, grandmothers, teachers and role-models to YOU, WE as women are special, strong.

Let us celebrate the art of WOMANHOOD.